MacHub Ghana Ltd.

Coming to an Accra taxi near you, are interactive headrest screens showing ‘infotainment’ for your viewing pleasure. The Taxi Digital Players, which are slated to premier in 200 Accra Taxis in May 2015 will serve as a modern way of advertising for several small, medium and large scale businesses. An additional 300 Taxis will join by August 2015.

The digital players will be mounted onto the back of taxi headrests at passenger eye level and play a loop of broadcast-style ads by local businesses such as retailers, restaurants, professional services, hotels etc. This will be the perfect medium for all local businesses in Ghana. Lets just say – we want to innovate the Advertisement Industry

MacHub has been advertised on over 200 digital taxis of Tech Nation Ghana. Be sure to get all your Apple products & Accessories from MacHub


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July 23, 2015