TechNation ₵ash₵ard Top Up

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What's TechNation ₵ash₵ard?

TechNation ₵ash₵ard is a cashless online transaction by Tech Nation Ghana Company Limited. This ₵ash₵ard consist of 10 alpha-numeric numbers that are used for validation.

Where can I use it?

TechNation CashCard can be used on all TechNation Ghana platforms such as, &

How long does it take to activate?

Most activations are Instant. In extreme cases of network interruption it may take 2-3hours at worse.

Where can i buy TechNation ₵ash₵ard?

TechNation ₵ash₵ard can be purchased at TechNation headoffice at Abelemkpe or various vendors point at UOG.