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Our team has over 7 years of experience combined to help you solve almost any Internet marketing conundrum.

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Whether you are an established small business or a brand new startup, we can help you speak to your audience.

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The business value of cloud based revenue management systems: turning complex billing into competitive advantage.

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In-Taxi Advertising Player (iTAP)

Tech Nation Ghana has introduced digital taxi advertisement headrests showing “infotainment” for your viewing pleasure.Our digital taxi headrests allows businesses to leverage their advertisement campaigns in an innovative and entertaining way. It’s simple … The digital taxi headrests are mounted onto the back of the headrests at passenger eye level and play a loop of broadcast style advertisement. Currently, Tech Nation Ghana has 250 taxis all over Accra with digital taxi headrests installed in them.


Taxis with our devices are located at vantage areas where the masses patronize taxis and are primarily affiliated to taxi unions in Accra.


Therefore, our digital headrests are secured and easy to track. Taxis with our digital headrests can be located at, Oponglo Junction at the University of Ghana, Marina Mall, Junction Mall, West Hills Mall, Achimota retail Centre, Osu Oxford street and Airport.


Let’s just say- Tech Nation is here to innovate the advertising industry in Ghana.

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